About us

Our team delivers great products because of our encouraging and supportive work environment.

Work ethic, resilience and humble nature are three cornerstones of Nepalese culture. And, it shows in our work culture as well. We learn from each other and collaborate with our think tank to deliver the best end product.

Our values

We are diverse and we are different from each other. We think that is a good thing. We learn from each other and empower creativity by finding the strength, unity and joy in this diversity.

We value diversity and inclusion as one of our core values, and our diversity officer makes sure that our employees receive up to date trainings in terms of interfaith acceptance, racial justice, gender identity and sexual orientation, and disability awareness. We have made a commitment to encourage women participation in software development. One of our main goals is to strive towards gender equality in our workplace.

Our team members usually refer to our office as their second home and we share the camaraderie of a family. We hold ourselves to the highest of ethical and professional standards, and hold ourselves accountable to each other and our community. When our team members are not busy solving tech problems, they are creating solutions for their community issues and raising awareness about our social responsibility.

We encourage our team members to challenge, critique and support each other to defend their ideas and create unique efficient designs. While our project management team ensures that the individual projects stay on course of dedicated timeline, our management team follows rigorous cross examination of codes so that possible risks of plagiarism and delay is avoided.

When we get some free time, we join each other in a weekly game of futsal. Our retreats are uncoventional and we discuss our ideas during the game of beach volleyball. If it’s really good then it might even make it to the ping pong table.


Sports is a big part of our recreational program for our employees. Software development at times can be stressful and being involved in physical activity simply disperses it. We encourage curricular activitites because we know it increases our efficiency.

We maximize our productivity by nurturing and fostering creativity. We focus on individual ideas and work on them as a team. We encourage our creative units to stay away from conventional rules and mundane tasks, so that they can build on free exchange of ideas while employing logic, critical thinking and reasoning in pursuing user-centered innovation.

One Platinum Family


  • Kishor Kundan

    Founder/Managing Director

  • Desh Deepak

    Director of International Business Development

  • Lilja Vignisdóttir

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Anees Karna

    Sales & Marketing - UK

  • Chandan Chaurasia

    Creative Lead

Team Leaders

  • Pramila Manandhar

    Team Leader

  • Avinash Mandal

    Team Leader

  • Saurav Rajbahak

    Team Leader