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What is Viva?

Viva is a free app to discover events that helps user to find friends and fun things to do.

Used to Create, Share, Blog and Discover events anywhere, from hip hop gigs, to football matches, to local markets in real time



  • Free app for creating & promoting events and stories like no other.
  • Viva learns each user’s unique preferences and connects them with events they will love, helping event creators and organisers promote events like never before.
  • Native android and IOS mobile applications
  • Desktop content management system for admin
  • The events viewed are raked by Viva. Viva learns each user’s unique preferences and suggests events they will love

Key Features:

  • The Wheel: Take a spin on the wheel to find events user like.
  • Filter & Search: Choose events by temporarily filter what events appear, or search for events by name or type
  • Map: Map out the opinions. Drag and drop the pin to wherever use want to find events around that location
  • News: Keep up to date with notifications. Respond to an event invitations and follower requests, and read stories and event posts
  • Profile: This is all about user. Create public and private events, share stories, and find and follow friends