What We do

Our team delivers innovative products because of our encouraging and supportive environment.

We innovate and persevere to transform your vision into reality. By simplifying processes with our technical expertise, we maximize human potential and change the world one code at a time.

Our Specialization

  • In today’s rapidly evolving business world, Business Intelligence softwares play a key role in helping orient and drive the strategic growth of an organization. We understand that ‘big data’ has potential to transform start-ups, small companies and big corporations into value generating entities when decision makers are empowered with the insights to improve return on investments using data and predictive modeling to help make well informed decisions. By utilizing concepts from probability, statistics, management science and stochastic modeling, we develop frameworks that organizes your data and build dashboards that present insights as per your requirements.

    From building customized Business Intelligence softwares exclusive for your entire business or creating add ons for the BI ecosystem your company may already be using, to integrating structured data to industry standard softwares like Microsoft Power BI and Apache Hadoop, we will work with your business analysis team to build models that can assist managerial decision making. In doing so, we will begin with in depth conversations and brainstorming with your business analysts, marketing intelligence analysts and strategy officers so that we understand each and every detail about structured or unstructured data your company may be using to make decisions. Once we have understood your KPIs and PIs along with the kinds of data you may be using for decision making, our business development team will provide range of solutions that could be applicable to your business.

    Based on the solution you choose, our development team will work with your ‘big data’ to structure it and integrate it to existing or newly created intelligence software so that the decision makers at your organization will have access to the insights and customizable dashboards with real time data. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need from these dashboards 24/7 on mobile and web so that you don’t have to browse through plethora of data to make decisions.

  • There is something poetic about how a simple idea can be transformed into a working software.

    While our approach may be scientific in accomplishing these transformations, we also take time to admire the art behind beautifully designed products. It’s hard not to channel ‘our inner poets’ when we see our apps and softwares receive highest of accolades from our customers.

    It starts with your idea. Small or big, new or old. We invest time and thought into your idea. Through rigorous inquiry, we streamline your idea and start our research phase.

    During our research phase, we learn all about your customers. We know that idea may be really good on paper, but ultimately it has to pass the final test of customer likeability and usability. This is why we employ simple, quick and effective methods. We narrow down the findings and take them directly to the design phase.

    Our UI experts pay close attention to minute details to app-reaction-on-cue and findings from the research phase while designing the product. We create multiple designs using pen and paper in the beginning to understand and visualize the idea along with the customer feedbacks. The design progresses rapidly from pen and paper to UI design or wireframes. At this stage, we explain how the solution will work to you and your customer and get the final feedback in order to make decision and create action plan for the product.

    With the action plan ready, our front end developers take these designs and build interactive prototypes which are tested for interactions and checked for interface behaviors. At this stage, our QA team takes over and checks the product for bugs and issues that may arise. Once these possible issues are fixed, we further test the product with beta testers to check for issues that may arise later on or the ones that may have evaded watchful eyes of our QA team. Once all of these issues are resolved, we deliver the product to you for product launch.

    The final step of the process includes empowering your team. While we are able to provide support 7 days a week and provide the best service available, we also believe in working with your IT department or programmers to empower you to customize and enhance user experience.

  • One of the key ways to increase the return on investment of your business is to increase the visibility of your web presence in major search engines with natural and organic processes. Even slightest fall in the search engine rankings can cause negative impact to your business. We monitor the changes in Search Engine algorithms continually and we are always learning the new tricks of the trade so that we are always ahead of the game.

    Our SEO team is up to date with the industry standards and will work independently or with you to increase the visibility of your web presence in major search engines.

  • Using software subsystems and components to create complete platform suite for your businesses.

Utilization of services

Web Application Development

Our web development process realizes the potential of optimizing business processes for organizations. We structure our application development around business processes to automate recurring tasks, reducing information gap to stakeholders and providing easy access to meaningful insights for management. We understand the need of real time data from various departments and processes in making decisions based on analytics. Our development team pays specific focus on reducing data volumes for the efficient integration or exporting of relevant data to Business Intelligence Softwares.

Mobile App Development
(iOS and Android)

Since our formation, usability and uninterrupted usage have remained as our core tenets in implementation of our strategy in mobile development. While our mobile development team continues to develop amazing applications by focusing on user experience, we also pay attention to details such as internet usage and energy consumption to make the applications light and boost the application’s performance.

CMS based Web development

We bring years of experience and creativity in designing and publishing web development. Our customer oriented approach with CMS based development ensures that the branding always plays key role in all of our publications. Whether the development of CMS content is geared for business or individuals, our team delivers the design that optimizes the presence of our customer’s mission and core values to the reader.

The Platforms We Utilize

  • Mobile

    Mobility solutions

    We like to think of ourselves as an innovative software development agency. However, we don’t let ourselves become complacent, the observant eyes of our Quality Assurance Professionals keep a continuous watch on apps we build. The passionate QA professionals take it to another level, they represent you in our team for quality. You bring in your idea and we develop the mobile app in native platform for you.

    We provide end-to-end Mobility solutions and services to Lifestyle, Healthcare, Education and Utility Industries and enterprises around the world.

    We are advocates of native platform for mobile development. We think an app experience should not be compromised. We like to challenge ourselves to the next level so that your idea is transformed into an exceptional experience for your users. Our implementation methodologies are industry recommended. Our Test Driven Development coupled with SCRUM is only the first step. The product is then validated in phases before it reaches you.

    Our mobile developments are accomplished using Objective-C for iOS and android SDK for android apps. Please contact us for our coding guidelines and a sample app built to showcase our programming practices. You can audit our sample app to judge our technicality.

  • Web

    Mobility solutions

    Although the users of mobile have outgrown the users in web for organizations, there still persists a trend where users prefer using Desktop variation of an online service during the day time. We like to see web development as a great opportunity for businesses to provide an interface to their consumers. The richness of features provided by web is unparalleled to any other. The deep representation of business processes along with brand representation can easily be planned over just few sessions.

    Our think tank understands your business parameters and tries to formulate web processes that will make an impact for you. A strong leadership from our think tank along with our System Architect ensures that your business goals are embedded onto your web system at all times.

    We can build Web Apps using core ASP.NET MVC Framework. This capability also extends to Web API (using ASP.NET framework). Our platform of choice for PHP based Web Apps is Cakephp.

    Other technologies for which we can undertake projects are Firebase RealTime Apps, Azure/AWS deployments, Power BI and Node Js/D3 Js

  • Front-End

    Mobility solutions

    We tactically combine user experience and business logic to take your product onto user’s screen. We base front-end refinements on analytics gathered from usage by users for products that we develop.

    Front end is all about experience for us. We constantly challenge ourselves, we rely on hall testing frequently to test if our strategies are on a right track.

    After all the investment and effort, the last thing you would want to happen is users getting lost in the feature. If there is a feature and it can not be reached then it is as good as none. The intuitiveness is achieved with feedbacks, hall testing and reviews. We dedicate ourselves in achieving a good front end impact for every product we develop.

  • Cms

    Mobility solutions

    • Content management system which will facilitate you to update your website’s content as per need
    • Build website with Wordpress, Magento, Kentico or Umbraco.
    • Custom build CMS (not relying on CMS engines available) to help you manage your website.